A local charity supporting you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Based in the heart of Keighley, KHL is a charity aiming to support the health and wellbeing of the local community with a vision to develop a strong, connected and thriving Keighley that is resilient, capable and healthy.

KHL actively and passionately delivers a huge variety of classes and groups every week. KHL listens and responds to evaluation and feedback to provide what our community needs.

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  • We aim to give our service users the potential to thrive and the ability to cope in these trying times
  • We aim to build a stronger local community that builds on local assets by connecting and creating networks with individuals, groups, and organisations
  • We aim to enable service users to take the lead in making better and healthier lifestyle choices that restore quality of life
  • We aim to improve people’s physical and social wellbeing
  • We aim to increase the confidence, skills, knowledge, and experience of the people in our community
  • We aim to reduce social isolation and loneliness

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Healthy Lifestyles project tackles the essentials of healthy living to the more complex and specific illnesses that our community faces such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic pain. This is done through a vast timetable of exercise classes, nutritional advice, cooking classes, weight loss clubs, and peer support groups.

Social Groups

We understand the impact that social isolation and loneliness has on our community, and how it leads to poor mental health. To combat this, a huge number of social groups such as the Conversation Cafe, Games Cafe, Arts and Crafts groups, Singing groups, Gardening club, Wellbeing Walks, and more! Our welcoming approach ensures that everyone who enters KHL feels comfortable and safe.

Young Parents and Families

The T-natal project helps to improve the health and wellbeing of pregnant young women, young parents, and their babies by providing early education, information, and support throughout their pregnancy and into parenthood.

Skills Development

We work with people in the community on a daily basis to help them to feel valued and enable them to work on their personal development. Our volunteer programme offers an abundance of training, and we also offer I.T courses, British Sign Language course, Singing group, Art group and Gardening group accessible by everyone.

Mental Health

Our work is to improve the health and wellbeing of our community, with positive mental health at the core of our practice. Through social activities, exercise classes, one-to-one and peer support our goal is to build a resilient, capable, healthy, and happy Keighley. Alongside delivering on positive mental health initiatives, we signpost and connect you to the other amazing organisations that Keighley has to offer.

Community outreach

Reducing health inequalities is a key focus of our work, our outreach projects ensure equal opportunities to get active, improve mental health and make important lifestyle changes across a variety of local areas. To successfully do this, KHL delivers activities and events in community centres and central locations across the Airedale district.

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