As part of an ongoing aim to grow social connections and develop skills within the community, KHL run a hugely successful Art class (Art4All) funded by the Lottery Community Fund and the Bradford Council Day Opportunity Fund. The class has grown in participants and to keep up with demand KHL now host the group four times a week – the most frequent class on the timetable.

The class focuses on all aspects of art techniques including painting and drawing, using a variety of different materials and supplies. The teacher, Victoria is an amazing attribute to KHL and highly recommended by the participants of the groups.

During the Summer of 2022 as part of the Keighley Connect project (funded by the Lottery Community Fund), KHL hosted an exhibition in collaboration with Heather Millard, community curator at Cliffe Castle to showcase the work completed by participants of the Art4All group.

This was a way to share the amazing artwork with the community including friends and family members of the artists. It was also a way to promote the services KHL offer and pull on resources to host a fantastic event.

The topic of the exhibition was ‘Life Post Pandemic’ and the work produced was the participant’s interpretation of how the pandemic affected them, and what they looked forward to post pandemic.

The event was a roaring success! The team catered for 200 people, using the KHL kitchen to prepare sandwiches, cakes, nibbles and fresh fruit for all to enjoy and non-alcoholic champagne to wash it down. Exhibition brochures were also prepared for participants to review and take home after the event.

The amazing artwork was showcased inside the museum, the attendees spent time both inside and outside of the venue, socialising and enjoying the beautiful setting.

KHL asked ‘What would you tell your friends /family about this session’ andIs there anything else KHL can do to help you with health and wellbeing?’ and received incredible feedback:

It was a lovely afternoon, and it was nice to see everyone, and meet the other people who post pictures on the WhatsApp group. Please can we do it again next year.

Just keep going and doing what you do so well. It has helped me such a lot since I joined the art group and I have found new activities to try and do, and made new friends too.




Lovely people, excellent food and drink, amazing exhibit. Brings people together.

Keep doing what you are doing. 






 A good way to meet nice people with a common interest, or try something you haven’t before.

Continue the classes during the summer holidays.




Friendly people at a very well organised event. It was lovely seeing artists work from the other groups as well. Lovely food. Lovely venue.

Keep on going please – I so enjoy the art session I attend with friends and Victoria is an exceptional teacher – I also attend a couple of exercise groups when I met even more people of like minds. 


KHL would like to thank all that attended, volunteered and participated in the running of the ‘Life Post Pandemic’ exhibition – if you would like to see the artwork, it is still exhibited at the Cliffe Castle museum.

We aim to continue to deliver these groups and events. If you would like to donate, volunteer or attend KHL, please follow the below link contact us.