Members of the KHL team have been involved in leading a campaign focused on educating families and children about taking a temperature correctly. The programme has been launched across Craven, Wharfedale and Airedale districts.

The campaign, initiated by Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership and supported by the WACA and Modality AWC primary care networks was launched at Greatwood Primary School in Skipton and the following session was at Holycroft Primary School in Keighley.

GP Bill Graham said ‘We (Modality AWC) had already run some health education events at Holycroft Primary School and could see there was a real gap in parents knowledge as to when to go to the GP and when parents could safely seek advice online or from the community pharmacist. The school team also welcomed these sessions. So, the opportunity to run a pilot program was very welcome. It would be our ambition to see this rolled out over all primary schools in the district. Bringing in KHL as a community delivery partner makes this work possible as it is difficult to deliver this work out of existing primary care capacity. Getting a retired GP involved was also key in being able to deliver the work.’

The community initiative, ran by team members of Keighley Healthy Living and retired GP Dr Bruce Woodhouse invited families to the informal session, whereby the team explained and demonstrated using a digital thermometer followed by allowing parents, teachers and children to practice on each other and ask questions along the way. Refreshments were provided and the families left with an informative flyer, digital thermometer, certificate and a sticker for the children that took part.

Dr Bruce Woodhead said ‘We are offering important information in a fun and relaxed structure, giving the opportunity to ask questions and allowing everyone to get involved to ensure the message was memorable. It is a simple intervention that I know the parents were very grateful for’.

For more information on fevers, you can use this resource: Fever Advice Sheet

Feedback from the Fever Campaign sessions:

“Informative session, freebie thermometer handy for families who might not have one. “

“I learnt what signs/symptoms to look out for and how to properly take a temperature, rather than guessing. We would like more wellbeing sessions like this.”

“Really informative and nice that everyone got involved.”

“I found this very helpful, and have the confidence to spot the signs.”