Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

Cookery Clubs

Our Cook and Eats are a fabulous way to meet new people in a friendly, supportive environment whilst building up your skills in the kitchen.

We have general cooking sessions that run regularly on week days, but we also have more focussed sessions if you have a specific interest or want to be with like minded people.  To register your interest for a cooking club please leave your details below or call 01535 677177, email:


Slimming Clubs

Our slimming clubs run thoughout the year. They start with a 6 week period of group support with advice and nutrition from our qualified nutritionist with a helpful weight loss diary and plan for you to follow.

After this there will be ongoing drop in sessions where you can ask questions, share your food diary, & get weighed to help you keep on track.

Message us below or phone 01535 677177 to enquire.