MSK Connect is a pathway that was designed by KHL and Project 6, working in partnership with Modality. It is a free local service which supports people living with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affecting the joints, bones and muscles, and includes autoimmune diseases.

MSK Connect will link you to a variety of local services and activities to support your physical and mental wellbeing, alongside the care you receive from your doctor or hospital. The MSK team will introduce users to opportunities which support independent living, making social connections and other meaningful activities aimed at managing your pain and giving back quality of life.

MSK Connect is not about a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our specialists talk to you, understanding individual needs, and hear what users think will help them, and others living with MSK conditions and long-term pain.

Under the MSK Connect pilot, a multitude of activities and groups were added to the KHL timetable. Including the monthly MSK specific peer support group that plays a major part in the recovery and pain management of patients and service users. 

Additional MSK Connect activities include:


  • Weight loss and lifestyle change courses
  • One to one meetings and phone calls
  • Cookery courses
  • Walks (outdoors, including opportunities to share food & socialise)
  • Conversation café (outdoor café with activities & social opportunities)
  • Games café (outdoor games & social opportunities)
  • One-to-one breathing therapy for pain management and reducing anxiety
  • Chair based yoga
  • Chair based ‘Staying Steady’ exercise classes
  • Ballet-Be-Fit exercise classes
  • DDMix Dance based exercise

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