Rethinking Pain is a new community-based service for adults living with long-term pain in the Bradford and Craven area.

The Rethinking pain team work one-to-one and in groups to connect people living with persistent pain to appropriate pain information, including education, support and community-based activities.

Our approach is designed to support people’s physical, mental, social and environmental needs. While understanding the individual’s preferences and circumstances, to help them manage their pain better day-to-day, with potential to improve their quality of life.

More about Rethinking Pain

Inspiring stories and examples of how people have managed their pain differently through the Rethinking Pain service.

Join us to learn more about pain, how your body responds to pain and how to manage it better. Click through to view upcoming sessions.

If you live with persistent pain and related health conditions – you may find a support group helps. Find out the closest support group to you. COMING SOON.

Rethinking Pain have developed a series of Movement Matters videos for people who live with long-term pain, to support them to move more in ways that feel safe.

If you have persistent pain, you can access information on ten topics/tools so you can manage your pain better and differently. COMING SOON.

We work with a number of other, and similar organisations to ensure people get the exact support that they need. Here are some useful resources.

Rethinking Pain Partners